Is Nursing others to health causing you to lose your health?

We provide Integrated Health Services for NURSES IN NEED

Is shiftwork and unending caseloads causing you these issues?

  • Interrupted Sleep
  • Disturbed Digestion
  • Nagging Pain
  • Unending Fatigue
  • Uncontrolled Stress
  • Moody and Anxious

The caring Therapists and Doctors at

Aches Away Toronto can help

We offer customized health treatments that help you feel good, everyday

Pain Relief

Our Massage Therapy, Osteopathy and Acupuncture Teams will take those sore achy joints from feeling stiff and painful to feeling like Jello 

Sleep Improvement

All our services focus on the 4 main causes of Sleep disturbance and use a collaborative aproach to remove all obstacles to deep restful sleep

Improved Digestion

Let our Naturopath, Osteopath, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist help kick your Constipation, Diarrhea and Bloating to the Curb

Reduced Stress

A deep relaxing Massage, A Nervous System calming Osteopathy Treatment, A Stress relieving Acupuncture treatment can all help your ability to cope with stress 

Increased Energy

Our Functional Medicine focused Naturopathic and Nutritional Services will help you reduce your fatigue and give you that pep in your step that you were misssing

Better Mood and Outlook

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Let us take care of your needs for a change.

Our Therapists treat Nurses on a daily basis

We know how much your work can wear you down. We are a team of highly trained Therapists with the singular focus of getting you back on your feet, doing your rounds with a smile on your face.

Registered Health Professionals Helping You

Our Therapists and Doctors are all Registered Health Professionals and are covered by most insurance companies

What Others Say


I had a consultation with Sara H and it was an amazing experience. I felt that all my concerns were addressed, the treatment was relaxing and I was given great suggestions to help me moving forward. I'd strongly recommend to anyone!

Dee Rullay 



Aches away has become my downtown sanctuary! I very nervously booked my first acupuncture appointment with Kevin back in October. Kevin is friendly, professional, and always ensuring that I am comfortable with treatments he recommends. I have entered the realm of not only acupuncture, but also cupping, and am loving every minute of it! I leave feeling calm, relaxed, and a little more in tune with myself. I would definitely recommend him as an acupuncturist to anyone looking in the downtown area!

Megan Zavitz

Downtown Toronto


EXACTLY what I needed.
"I had an appointment with Andy this week. It was relaxing and restorative. He worked WITH me to relieve the extra tension that I carry in my neck and shoulders. He has an natural ability to speak while maintaining a relaxed rapport -- that's very important. Next time I'll do the 90 minute massage though, with the 60 minute massage I had, I did not feel rushed."

Scott Mataya

Tension Free Neck

Massage Therapy for Nurses in Toronto
We are 
Aches Away Toronto

10 years of serving Nurses and Allied Health Professionals in Downtown Toronto. We are here for you.

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